5 Methods To Get Quality Backlinks Which Can Boost Your Search Rankings

The importance of Backlinks cannot be stressed enough in SEO. Although the post Panda updates saw aggressive penalizing of websites, but it was because of poor quality backlinks and link spam. Search engines, especially Google, still value quality backlinks as one important parameter in ranking of websites, and hence you should not ignore the importance of quality backlinks in SEO for your website.

Although Google’s algorithms are being changed every now and then, but we should not expect complete shunning away of backlinks any time soon, and they are here to stay. Having said that, the major problem lies in the fact that people who take it upon themselves to do the SEO for their site, do not actually know which backlinks can benefit them and which can harm them, and hence we have decided to bring you the best sources for backlinks which can help you in improving your website rankings.

Social Networking Website Profiles

With Web 2.0 everything is social, and everyone is social. Although a majority of social networking websites are still no follow, but the trust metrics associated with your profile do matter in the eyes of the search engines says SEO Vancouver. Also, many websites give you the option of adding links to your website which is a huge bonus. Almost all the websites give you a dedicated page and a dedicated URL to your presence, which when link backed from your website also provides your visitor a sense of legitimacy to your business.

Link Exchange

No matter how old it is, link exchange still works says the Best SEO company. Link exchanges have still been able to generate rankings for keywords as our experiments have suggested. The amount of links you can generate through this message depends widely on your approach. A humble well written email sent to multiple bloggers or websites can generate a useful response. Also, in order to save yourself from penalizing, you can have a separate website for providing link backs, but the bottom line is you should not ignore this option if you want to optimize the full potential that there is.

Article Marketing

It has been undoubtedly one of the most effective and useful way of getting yourself some quality backlinks. However before you go all guns blazing, you should understand that not all websites are equally important. Again the key is to know which ones are important and which ones are not. Posting articles on niche websites is highly recommended as they can have greater weightage and authority in your category. Also, it is very important for you to post in do follow article directories only.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging can provide you with some really high quality backlinks which can help you in going a really long way. Although it can take a bit of effort to generate links in this way, but the quality of the backlinks fairly compensate the efforts that have to be put in by you.

Blog Commenting

Everyone has an opinion about Blog Commenting for backlink generation. However, the people who have not got the results have not got it because of thoughtless spamming of blogs of others. When you try to generate a backlink from other people’s blogs, you have to take care that your comments are well researched and add value to the website. As a rule of thumb, no Thank You or one liner comments.

We at SEO Vancouver have tried to bring out the comprehensive picture with building backlinks in the current time. However, do understand that there are numerous other ways too, we have just decided to target a selected few.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Investing In SEO

SEO has become an integral part in today’s era of website promotion and digital marketing. No one can ignore the importance of organic traffic. Organic traffic helps people get increased business without any investment in advertisements or otherwise. Since the best seo service can help you achieve much greater traffic with focused and designated efforts, it is definitely reasonable to invest in one. We present to you the most compelling reasons to invest in SEO:

Because Your Competitors Are Doing It

Yes, no matter whether you choose to do it or not, it doesn’t mean your competitors would give a second thought before choosing a SEO. This is because every serious business owner understands the importance of SEO in order to sustain a business in today’s market. Sorry to blow the bubble, but they are going to do it, and you need to beat them at it. You cannot just keep relaxing and postponing or ignoring your SEO.

It Is More Of An Investment, Rather Than A Cost

Many people just visualize SEO as an amount on an invoice in return for some sort of advertisement. Sadly, it isn’t so. When you engage with best seo service, they assess your entire website and find out keywords where you have the most potential to grow. The returns on investments can be huge. You can get a really decent amount of traffic for certain keyword by only paying a meager amount for the SEO. Thus, you should start visualizing SEO as more of an investment than a cost you incur.

Increased Traffic

When you do SEO with Vancouver SEO, you get an increase in organic traffic. This is the traffic that comes from search engines for the keywords your visitors search. Needless to say, getting a good amount of organic traffic can greatly boost your business.

Everyone Does An Online Search

From looking for a restaurant to eat to hiring a plumber, people do an online search for even the most trivial tasks. This has resulted in a massive opportunity for business service providers to capture a bigger market. But in need to do so, you need to make the most of the opportunity available to you. You need to have a good and complete profile, and the most important of them all- You need to show on the search results. Hence, you cannot really ignore not being in the game.

It Works And It Is Going To Work For A While

Investing in SEO is guaranteed to bring you results. Yes, Search Engine Optimization works. It has been working for many years now, and it is going to work in the near future too. There is a simple reason for that, as long as there are search engines, they are going to rank the results on the basis of some criteria. As long as that criteria exists, you can fine tune your website to meet those criteria and increase your rankings. So, there is no reason to doubt that SEO is going to stay here.

If you still haven’t been investing in SEO, we can say for sure that you have been missing in on a lot of opportunities. SEO is a very advantageous avenue to invest in, and you should not be wasting a second anymore in deciding whether to invest in it. The increase in the dependence on search engines for daily chores have made SEO Vancouver a compulsion, and you should not avoid it.