The Synergy between Social Media and SEO


What do you think is the difference between the working of SEO and Social media? The kind of promotional stuffs we organize for social media can’t be done in mere SEO? Well that is about it. There is no difference in the end results whatsoever. It is high time that marketers enlighten themselves with the crystal clear reality that social media go hand-in-hand with SEO Vancouver practices.

Make no mistake that these two can be executed keeping one side blind-sighted.

Infact- SEO, Social media and, content marketing fall under same category of multilevel marketing approach. This multi-level marketing approach came into existence when google started showing social media engagement in its search results. Before that, everything we did to get in front of Google’s eyes was SEO but now, the things take taken a drastic change and this change is here for good.

How Google takes help from Social Media for faster indexing?

Google, theoretically, sends our spiders to the pages that extract relevant information from the page and get back to google’s database where they help in indexing the pages which are more relevant. Now, imagine this workflow for millions of new web pages, which are being generated every day. This amount of data can be devastating to organize in a systematic manner and even google feels the heat of it.

To overcome this issue, google has now started taking social media activities in consideration for faster relevant indexing. Factors such as likes, comments, shares, re-tweets, pins and, many more are now being considered by the google and the relevant pictures, videos, content pieces and, animations are being indexed.

Is social media sharing a new generation of link building?

Google’s SERPs have a mixed tone of factors which leads to organic traffic. One of such factors is backlinks or linkbacks. Conventional SEO has seen lack-hat techniques of link building which used to manipulate google search results. The conventional methods do not work anymore. Now, the easiest way to get link juice is from social media shares. If your blog/article is being shared by n number of people on their social media timelines, profuse amount of advantages could be witnessed.

How SEO agencies are making transformations?

SEO Vancouver and agencies as such have started pitching social media plans and social media marketing campaigns to their clients. They understand that the future of SEO partially depends on social media programs. Social media provides a direct medium to interact with the consumers and get the feedbacks. These feedbacks directly help in bringing up more functions on customers’ demand and sell the product even aggressively. The credibility of your post / product / article also determines the rank google is going to give you. The credibility comes even stronger is your post shared/re-tweeted by an influencer of relevant field. Try to engage the influential blogger / critics and get a link in their timeline. This will definitely boost your rankings relatively.

Out of many social media platform, which one is Google’s favorite?

Google+ : Pretty evident answer of the above question. To be in Google’s ranking, you must spend a good quality time in building your brand on Google+ platform. You can post your content on the G+ communities to get targeted traffic and also Google’s attention.

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