Benefits of Linking your Google Analytics and Adwords Accounts [VIDEO TRANSCRIPT]

If you have both AdWords and Google Analytics accounts, but haven’t yet linked them, you’re missing out on valuable insight into your advertising, website and business as a whole. AdWords and Google Analytics each provide important information, but independently they don’t provide the full picture.

AdWords helps your customers find you and provides detailed reporting on ad spend and performance. In your AdWords account, you can see which key words and ads users click or view and which directly generate conversions. But AdWords alone only gives you part of the picture. It doesn’t show you what customers do on your site after they click or view your ads, but before they convert.

Google Analytics fills in this missing information. It helps you see the different paths that visitors take through your site, how visitors are engaging or not engaging with your content along the way and what site factors influence conversion rates and ultimately your bottom line.

However, without linking accounts, you can’t tie this rich information about user behavior back to the specific ad words, key words or ads that generated the visits. By linking your Analytics and AdWords accounts, you can see the full picture of customer behavior from the ad click, or impression, all the way through your site to conversion.

When you link accounts, you can see additional data that help you optimize your AdWords campaigns and make more informed business decisions. For example, in the AdWords reports inside of Google Analytics, you can view on site engagement metrics, such as bounce rate, pages per visit and average visit duration. For each of your AdWords campaigns, ad groups, key words and ad texts. These types of metrics help you understand if your AdWords account is driving the right kind of traffic to your site and they also help you identify areas of your site that you might need to improve.

In these reports, you can also see your AdWords cost data and performance metrics like average cost per click, clicks and click view rate. Together, the AdWords and Analytics data in these reports help you better understand what you’re spending in your AdWords account and what your return on investment is. In addition to seeing AdWords information inside your Analytics account, you can easily import your Analytics goals and eCommerce transactions into AdWords conversion tracking allowing you to make more informed refinements to your campaigns without ever leaving your AdWords account. This information is used by some of the best SEO companies.

If you’re using AdWords conversion optimizer to manage your bids, it will automatically start using Analytics goals and eCommerce transactions once you’ve imported them into AdWords. This additional performance data better enables conversion optimizer to show your ads when you are more likely to get conversions. You can also import Analytics metrics into your AdWords account. You can see bounce rate, average visit duration, pages per visit and a percent new visits on your AdWords campaigns and AdWords tabs.

Linking accounts also gives you richer data in the Analytics multi channel funnels reports. You can see which specific AdWords keywords, ad groups and campaigns are initiating or assisting conversions, in addition to driving them directly. If you’re using Google display network remarketing, linking your AdWords and Analytics accounts allows you to extend your remarketing capabilities and build unique lists based on Analytics dimensions and metrics. You can reach people who have already visited your website and deliver ad content specifically tailored to the interests they expressed during those previous visits. Google Analytics is used by many SEO company in Vancouver.

So link your AdWords and Google Analytics accounts today to see the full picture and discover how to optimize your AdWords campaigns and improve the performance of your business. Log into your Google Analytics or AdWords account for your counts today.

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Investing In SEO

SEO has become an integral part in today’s era of website promotion and digital marketing. No one can ignore the importance of organic traffic. Organic traffic helps people get increased business without any investment in advertisements or otherwise. Since the best seo service can help you achieve much greater traffic with focused and designated efforts, it is definitely reasonable to invest in one. We present to you the most compelling reasons to invest in SEO:

Because Your Competitors Are Doing It

Yes, no matter whether you choose to do it or not, it doesn’t mean your competitors would give a second thought before choosing a SEO. This is because every serious business owner understands the importance of SEO in order to sustain a business in today’s market. Sorry to blow the bubble, but they are going to do it, and you need to beat them at it. You cannot just keep relaxing and postponing or ignoring your SEO.

It Is More Of An Investment, Rather Than A Cost

Many people just visualize SEO as an amount on an invoice in return for some sort of advertisement. Sadly, it isn’t so. When you engage with best seo service, they assess your entire website and find out keywords where you have the most potential to grow. The returns on investments can be huge. You can get a really decent amount of traffic for certain keyword by only paying a meager amount for the SEO. Thus, you should start visualizing SEO as more of an investment than a cost you incur.

Increased Traffic

When you do SEO with Vancouver SEO, you get an increase in organic traffic. This is the traffic that comes from search engines for the keywords your visitors search. Needless to say, getting a good amount of organic traffic can greatly boost your business.

Everyone Does An Online Search

From looking for a restaurant to eat to hiring a plumber, people do an online search for even the most trivial tasks. This has resulted in a massive opportunity for business service providers to capture a bigger market. But in need to do so, you need to make the most of the opportunity available to you. You need to have a good and complete profile, and the most important of them all- You need to show on the search results. Hence, you cannot really ignore not being in the game.

It Works And It Is Going To Work For A While

Investing in SEO is guaranteed to bring you results. Yes, Search Engine Optimization works. It has been working for many years now, and it is going to work in the near future too. There is a simple reason for that, as long as there are search engines, they are going to rank the results on the basis of some criteria. As long as that criteria exists, you can fine tune your website to meet those criteria and increase your rankings. So, there is no reason to doubt that SEO is going to stay here.

If you still haven’t been investing in SEO, we can say for sure that you have been missing in on a lot of opportunities. SEO is a very advantageous avenue to invest in, and you should not be wasting a second anymore in deciding whether to invest in it. The increase in the dependence on search engines for daily chores have made SEO Vancouver a compulsion, and you should not avoid it.


The Synergy between Social Media and SEO


What do you think is the difference between the working of SEO and Social media? The kind of promotional stuffs we organize for social media can’t be done in mere SEO? Well that is about it. There is no difference in the end results whatsoever. It is high time that marketers enlighten themselves with the crystal clear reality that social media go hand-in-hand with SEO Vancouver practices.

Make no mistake that these two can be executed keeping one side blind-sighted.

Infact- SEO, Social media and, content marketing fall under same category of multilevel marketing approach. This multi-level marketing approach came into existence when google started showing social media engagement in its search results. Before that, everything we did to get in front of Google’s eyes was SEO but now, the things take taken a drastic change and this change is here for good.

How Google takes help from Social Media for faster indexing?

Google, theoretically, sends our spiders to the pages that extract relevant information from the page and get back to google’s database where they help in indexing the pages which are more relevant. Now, imagine this workflow for millions of new web pages, which are being generated every day. This amount of data can be devastating to organize in a systematic manner and even google feels the heat of it.

To overcome this issue, google has now started taking social media activities in consideration for faster relevant indexing. Factors such as likes, comments, shares, re-tweets, pins and, many more are now being considered by the google and the relevant pictures, videos, content pieces and, animations are being indexed.

Is social media sharing a new generation of link building?

Google’s SERPs have a mixed tone of factors which leads to organic traffic. One of such factors is backlinks or linkbacks. Conventional SEO has seen lack-hat techniques of link building which used to manipulate google search results. The conventional methods do not work anymore. Now, the easiest way to get link juice is from social media shares. If your blog/article is being shared by n number of people on their social media timelines, profuse amount of advantages could be witnessed.

How SEO agencies are making transformations?

SEO Vancouver and agencies as such have started pitching social media plans and social media marketing campaigns to their clients. They understand that the future of SEO partially depends on social media programs. Social media provides a direct medium to interact with the consumers and get the feedbacks. These feedbacks directly help in bringing up more functions on customers’ demand and sell the product even aggressively. The credibility of your post / product / article also determines the rank google is going to give you. The credibility comes even stronger is your post shared/re-tweeted by an influencer of relevant field. Try to engage the influential blogger / critics and get a link in their timeline. This will definitely boost your rankings relatively.

Out of many social media platform, which one is Google’s favorite?

Google+ : Pretty evident answer of the above question. To be in Google’s ranking, you must spend a good quality time in building your brand on Google+ platform. You can post your content on the G+ communities to get targeted traffic and also Google’s attention.